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Company Name: Blurb | Website

Status Key Active: Contract is signed and app is in use.
Vendor was unable to sign the contract and the app is not in use.

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Cambridge School District MA Declined
Reason: We're not able to customize our Terms and Conditions nor we can sign additional contracts. If our existing T&Cs don't work for your organization there's really nothing we can do. We've had similar requests from a few other groups over the years but our legal team is unwilling to modify our existing T&Cs. The *only* possible exception would be if you're placing a large order (usually 300+ books ordered at one time). In that case you'd be working with our Client Services team, who is able to customize their own contracts *to a point* and might be able to accommodate your needs. But again, you must be ordering 300+ copies at once and working with a Client Services rep. If that's the size of order you were thinking of please let me know. Otherwise, I can only reiterate what has been explained to you in previous messages--which is that any material submitted for printing is protected by the terms and conditions listed on our site, as well as the confidentiality agreements signed by Blurb employees and our partners.

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